Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, Azul Analysis only works with QuickBooks® Online. We are looking to build compatibility with other accounting platforms in the future.

We only use your data to generate graphs. Your data is yours. More details can be found in our Privacy Policy and in our Terms & Conditions.

Yes, you are able to download your data into a PDF document.

Azul Analysis will ask you to connect your QuickBooks® Online account as part of the account creation process. Whenever you change the parameters of your dashboard, Azul Analysis will refresh the data by pulling in the most current data from your QuickBooks Online account.

Yes, as the administrative user of your dashboard, you are able to delegate view-only access to an unlimited number of users.

An administrative user has full control over the account. They can add, delete, temporarily deactivate, and temporarily activate general users as well as customize the graphs, date ranges, and benchmarks displayed on the actual dashboard. General users are “view only” users and are able to see the graph as the administrative user chooses to display it. General users are not able to turn on/off graphs, customize date range, or change benchmarks.

At this time, Azul Analysis only allows 1 administrative user. We are working to enable this functionality.

You are able to submit a question through the “contact us” feature in your administrative view.

At this time, Azul Analysis does not show details broken down by class. It is meant to be a higher-level view tool at this time. We are in the process of developing more functionality in this area, however.

Azul Analysis shows 3 graphs based on the Statement of Activities (i.e. P&L, Income Statement), 2 graphs based on the Statement of Financial Position (i.e. Balance Sheet), and 2 graphs based on a combination of the two financial statements. Schedule a demo with us to find out more!


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