Financial Dashboards without the complicated setup.

    • Create your dashboard instantly by logging into your Quickbooks account from within Azul Analysis. Our dashboard will instantly pull in your data and display rich, beautiful, and insightful graphs in real time. The best part? No setup required!
    • Adjust dates ranges and customize your dashboard with the click of a button. No need to recreate time-intensive, manual dashboards month after month. Azul Analysis saves you time and guarantees accuracy.
    • With our ‘plug-and-play’ solution, you can effortlessly create a culture of transparency with your Board, funders, and other stakeholders. By showing real-time data from your accounting system, you build confidence and trust with your governing body.


Focus on the metrics that matter.

    • Azul Analysis displays relevant data that has been cited by nonprofit financial experts to build sustainability.
    • Our dashboard helps you analyze what is happening with your organization by paying attention to not only your P&L, but by looking at your Balance Sheet and metrics that exist in between the two statements.
    • Azul Analysis generates easy-to-read graphs that both allows you to see trends over time and enables you to show the context of your financials.
    • Simplify and build consistency in how you analyze your organization’s performance.


Education is the key to success.

    • Our dashboard incorporates education into the metrics, so you can learn how to better manage your organization.
    • Information bubbles explain what graphs are telling you, why that metric is important, and how the graphic is calculated.
    • Values that need attention automatically turn another color, so you know to pay attention to specific metrics and get ahead of issues.
    • Azul Analysis provides a more holistic picture of your organization and encourages your board to look at your organization with a wider lens


Let us remove the burden of reporting.

    • Download a PDF of your organization’s dashboard to easily distribute.
    • You also have the option of easily adding/removing view-only users to your dashboard to control who has access to view the data you choose to display. 
    • View-only users can interact with the real-time data on the dashboard, which builds trust in integrity of the underlying data and creates a culture of transparency.
    • Easy-to-read, dynamic graphs makes it easier for Board members who aren’t as financially savvy to engage in their fiduciary responsibility to the organization.


Measure the health of your organization.

    • Benchmark your organization’s performance to peers in the not-for-profit industry to focus your Board on metrics that actually matter.
    • Azul Analysis overlays nonprofit industry data on top of your organization’s dashboard.
    • Build financial sustainability in your organization by focusing on the metrics cited by financial experts to be the most important.

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