Welcome to Azul Analysis!

These are instructions for setting up your dashboard for the first time. We are working to automate this process, but it’s very easy to setup. If you run into any difficulties with this process, please reach out to Michael at michael@azulanalysis.com and he will assist you.

Step 1: Click Profile Icon

Follow these quick few steps to complete initial setup of your dashboard.

Step 1 Click Profile Icon

Step 2: Navigate to Revenue Trend Chart

Click “Manage Dashboard” to reveal the graphs then click “Revenue Trend” to customize the graph.

Step 2 Navigate to Charts

Step 3: Configure and Un-Hide Graphs

Adjust the date to show the range you desire, click “Apply to All” if you want all your graphs to show that date range.

Once it refreshes, toggle the button from “Hide” to “Show” to display the graph on the dashboard.

Step 3 Configure & Unhide Graphs

Step 4: Configure Remaining Graphs and Click "Dashboard"

Rinse and repeat for the remaining graphs. You can see which graphs are hidden or shown on the left sidebar.

Step 4 Configure Remaining Graphs


This is a one-time process. To change graphs in the future, all you have to do is click the COG icon to adjust dates right on the dashboard itself.

Fully Configured Dashboard

Now that you’re all setup, CLICK PLAY to watch this short orientation video we put together for you. Learn how to add users, customize data displayed, download your dashboard to a PDF, and so much more! As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need any help!